The Big 150

Was looking through the stats for this blog and realised that in spite of my initial resistance, this blog is doing surprisingly well.

It’s been up for slightly more than a year now and the longest break I took from the blog is less than a month. An amazing achievement, indeed.. considering the Job.

So, narcissist that I am, I actually took the time to look back on some of the posts that I’ve written. A lesser man would’ve started recapping the older articles and  reminisce  on how much things have changed, and how much they’ve stayed the same. The more introspective ones would even use this as a reflection on the state of minds they were in when they were blogging on some of their more popular articles.

But not me. You readers are the entire reason I am even blogging, so perfectionist that I am, I sieve through the entire blog and realised that there is something sorely wrong with it.

An alarming deficiency that needs to be fixed.

For you

And, only for you, my loyal readers. do I realise that…

There are no images of nude girls!

That’s right. I’ve managed to go 150 posts with posts conisisting solely of videos and images of females that are totally clothed. Not bad for somebody who spends the bulk of his time on the internet searching for videos and images of hot girls explaining complex issues in current geo-political climate, the economics and (why not?) quantum physics.

Ermm… Yeah. What were you thinking of?

So, without further ado, in the milestone post no. 150, I’m here to atone for this most heinious of sins.

Here are all 150 naked girls (and probably more…)

Link: Fleg Master Tlpizza

Sidenote: This is my second link already, seeing the first one got banned on grounds of violation of rights of agreement. This is how relentless I am!

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what the whole advertisement is about.

But that concentration of nude girls in so small a space in so little a time has got to be a good thing.

I’m buying whatever they are selling already.


The curious story of the strangely long sleeves

Just came back from a Kungfu Rollicking good time with the Girlfriend at the cinemas.

Caught Donnie Yen’s biopic on the apparently legendary Kungfu master, Ip Man. “Apparently” because, to be honest, this is the first time I’ve actually heard of this guy. But of course, the movie industry being what it is, they are quick to point out that he is the master of Bruce Lee.

They are quick to point it out on the movie posters, in the newspaper reviews, in the trailers, in the TV spots, in the show itself, in the newspaper releases, on the cat, in the car and about anywhere they can find a flat surface to print on.

I am not perturbed by this, but if I see one more mention of him being the master of Bruce Lee, I’ll *&^*&%$$&#)#

Yeah, anyway, back to the movie. I’ll like to write a review about it, but someone has already done a much better job at it than I have. So in the words of the sagely Carl Douglas…

Everybody was Kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In  fact it was a a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing

They were funky China men from funky Chinatown
They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down
It’s an ancient Chineese art and everybody knew their part
From a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip

Donnie Yen, Ip Man, Yip Man, Rolled up sleeves

It’s a cool movie in the sense that it accomplishes what it does – tells a compelling and thought provoking life story of the life journey of this legendary man that establishes Ip Man as the master of Bruce Lee.


Haha. I kid, of course….

It’s an out and out action flick with the kungfu fights sequences coming as fast and furious as Donnie Yen’s punches (Boo Yeah!). The action sequences are superbly cheorographed. The clumsy, rushed and brutal fighting style of Donnie Yen’s various opponents are contrasted against Donnie Yen’s stylish, slow and refined to the point of womanly Wing Chun style.

Now before the Wing Chun practitioners out there start getting there Kungfu panties in a bunch, and I get my ass handed to me, I have to say that I am very sure the movie is very well researched and the style is accurate to the true Wing Chun, but I just wish that in the pre-requisite circling of his numerous opponents, Donnie Yen would just <<SPOILER ALERT!!! DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO FIND OUT THAT DONNIE YEN FOLDS HIS SLEEVES A LOT IN THE SHOW>> stop folding those goddamn sleeves. That’s how refined Donnie Yen’s Wing Chun is. He tries very hard to win each and every opponent of his in a fair fight and not accidentally suffocate them to death with his physics and reality defying long sleeves.

Like I said, the action was superb and it was followed closely by the lavish sets. The sets were well designed and gave off enough of the old time chic to make me swoon… for a while… (I have a reputation to look after). The pre Japanese Invasion set reminds me of scenes from Kungfu Hustle and Jet Li’s Fearless (Both which I love). They were vibrant, bright (in a sepia, duo chrome kinda way) and bustling with activities, while the post Invasion set  totally contrasted that with the dilapidation and falling apart of these very same scenes.

Story-wise, it was a bit too “all over the place” for me. It’s as if the director’s having too many sub plots that he just had to put in. Damn if they do not fit in the overall flow of the story. There are the occasional funny sequences, and some scenes that throws more light on some of the more minor characters, but overall, the dialogue and scenes are steeped in melodrama. Also, I am not too sure how historically accurate this “biopic” actually is.

But who cares right?

That’s not what this movie is about.

Ip Man, Son, rolled up sleeves

It’s all about the long sleeves, baby!

Boo Yeah.

And Bruce Lee, of course…. *&^*&%$$&#)#

who makes a grand total of <<SPOILER ALERT!!>> 1 photo appearance in the entire show.

Presidential Material

I suppose this is a little late in coming… But, look what I found!

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. Say what you want, but he is an essential pop culture icon of our generation. Imagine that, a president that’s no longer a fuddy duddy redneck. And like it or not, the Media seems dead set on painting him as the JFK of our times, and his press team is more than happy to help them along with that… less the parts about the scandals, of course.

If only that cover did not bear such an uncanny resemblance to this one…


But I suppose, it could be worse….

george W Bush, Joker

Ramly vs The McChicken

Today was one of those day at work where the day doesn’t seem like it could ever end.

5 hours of Overtime later, I was on my way home, only to learn that the Family didn’t prepare my dinner for me.

So, on the spur of the moment, I decided that today would be Burger Night.


Tugging the $5 note I have in my pocket, I got myself a Ramly Burger and a McChicken Sandwich.  Now, I know there are many uneducated, unhealthy idiots out there who will consider these fat, greasy burgers as a complete meal unto themselves and I must confess I am one of them.

I mean come on, a standard burger consists of ingredients from the 3 food groups essential in a healthy and well rounded diet, namely: meat, vegetables and mayonise.

So how do these 2 burgers fare against each other? Because I’ve just had a taste of both, I decided to come up with a head to head comparison between the two. (Also because I need to take my mind off the cranium destroying work stuff)

Many would claim that the only test that matters would be the Taste of the burgers, I beg to differ. A good burger consist of so many other factors, so I’ve split the head to head comparison into a few categories and I’ll start with the most important, namely…


I’m sure many would agree that McDonald’s does not sell the best burgers in the world, yet they sell the most. A McChicken is…. safe. You can have a McChicken at ANY McDonald’s and it will taste of fried chicken patty, barely frest lettuce and mayonise. A Ramly burger on the other hand is a total surprise depending on who you buy it from. There can be 5 Ramly stores at the local Pasar Malam and there’ll be 5 different tasting Ramly Burgers.

And that’s not necessarily a good thing…

The first bite into a Ramly Burger is always an adventure. As the burger’s sauce spills out into your mouth, you have roughly 3 seconds before the taste hits you. As a wise man once said… “You never know what you’re gonna get”

Winner: RAMLY, by a whisker (because it was my lucky day). My Ramly had a sourish vineger taste, mixed with the sweetness of the mayonise and the spiciness of the Ramly powder… which tastes good… and could have gone all the way down the other lane any other day.


See picture above… The McChicken was smartly wrapped in a paper wrapper while the Ramly was… you know there’s this tagline by another fast food joint about finger lickin’? Ramly good use that tagline too

Winner: McChicken


McChicken: $2

Ramly : $3

Winner: Duh… the extra $1 could’ve gotten me an Apple Pie… (Mmmm… Apple Pie)


McChicken: Bun, Chicken, Lettuce, Mayonise

Ramly: Bun, Chicken, Mayonise, Cheese, lettuce, a whole buncha sauce that I do not even wanna think about…

Winner: You have to ask yourself, are you feeling lucky?? Well are you punk??

There concludes my head to head comparision. I guess the first question most people would ask would be… what about the Whopper?

Sorry dudes, it’s a fight that’s strictly between burgers that cost under $3 only.

And another observation you might have made is that there must be something wrong with this guy to use movie quotes for a review on food… what can I say, except “Big Kahuna Burger” to that.

Yes Yes, I know there is no “Overall Winner”. Hey Mc D! Give me some freebies and I’ll declare you the winner. *nudge*