Let’s Go Boys

Going through a bit of a dry spell..

I thrashed the last three pieces that I did because they are too horrible to show. Hours down the drain there…

This is the only halfway decent piece that I did recently… it’s also my first ensemble piece… Took hours just to render… then more hours on Photoshop… I really should get a faster comp.. 😀

Not completely satisfied with Superman, might redo him one day in the distant future..

Still trying to find my “style” so C&C most welcome.



Truth, Justice and the American Way

A new piece of mine featuring the Superman and Wonder Woman. (More Wonder Woman than Superman, actually)

I’m trying to recreate the feel of old style bleached treated photography with a bit of overexposure. Another thing I was trying out on this piece was the use of white space. Hence the huge amount of white over the head of WW.

Instead of an all American Wonder Woman, I was going for one with a more sinister feel, contrasting her darkness with the overall brightness of the piece.

Sweet Screams

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I’m trying for a more pastel-y tone in this piece featuring Black Canary…

Definitely not one of my more stellar work but in my defense, I did it in the name of experimentation and working out of my comfort zone… Somehow I’ve never been very comfortable working with pastels, so on the quest of finding my “style”, I decided to give it a try.

To be honest, I am slightly under-whelmed by the results, but I hope that on some level, it worked…

In the meantime, I’ll be staying off pink for a while…

Ninja vs Ninja

Another new comic day.. Another DISAPPOINTING new comic day.

Flashpoint is turning out to be a pretty much “dud” event with too many unnecessary tie-ins. With the exception of the main book, the rest are pretty much forgettable and as far as I can see now, inconsequential. So far, all the characters are behaving as out of character as they possibly could from their counterparts in the DC regular-verse. Each new tie in brings more questions than answers… Will dwell on this for a while before I post any reviews.

In the meantime, my new work: Ninja vs Ninja starring the ever lovely Lady Bullseye with the hard luck Matt Murdock aka Daredevil…

For this piece, I was trying to recreate the feel of one of those old school fight posters with an aged feel…

Not sure if it works though…

Green Lantern SUCKS!!!

Or how Marvel is kicking DC’s bloated ass in the cinemas when it comes to earning brownie points from fan boys’.

To be honest, out of all the summer comic book based blockbusters, Green Lantern was the one that I was most eagerly anticipating.

And what do I get? An overly loud, grossly pointless, highly forgettable and obscenely disappointing run-of-the-mill Hollywood swill.

Looking over at exhibit B… We have X-Men: First Class that I expected to Suck. I mean, come on… They destroyed all notions of conformance with the comic books by putting Havok, Banshee and Darwin(??!!!) on Xavier’s first team; they mixed and matched (what they think are) the coolest mutants to put in the show, changing the gender and race (Angel) or color and name (Azazel/Nightcrawler) when they have to; worst of all, we have a non-bald Prof X…and that is just wrong.

Yet… in spite of all that, First Class appeared to be stronger of the two films. At the very least. it was the one that I enjoyed more…

So what happened?

I put it down to one word: Simplicity…

I believe DC’s characters have the richer history (or non history) when compared to Marvel’s…

Probably because of this, they tried to dump EVERY Obscure Comic Book History Info into this one film, sowing seeds for what they hope would be taken up in the inevitable sequel (Hello Sinestro). But since it is impossible to cram 50 years of history into one two hour film, they started taking creative “liberties” and changing comic book canon. The alternative explanation is that the writers are too lazy to read through all  50 years of comic and came up with a script based on their own understanding.

In spite of all this, they seem to expect:
A) non fans to follow
B) fans to not complain that they got the history wrong
C) everyone else to not be confused to a point where they give up

Case in point… The villains.

For First Class, we have ex Nazi Kevin Bacon, I mean Sebastian Shaw leading a bunch of evil mutant to incite a nuclear war to hasten the growth of mutanity. There are side plots.. But they are simple and does not distract from the main storyline

For Green Lantern… We have *drum roll* PARALLAX that is possessed by Krona (???!!! Or is it the other way round?) and Hector Hammond. I am a Green Lantern fan and I am hard-pressed if you want me to tell you the whole history of Parallax and Krona in two hours. It is simply too complicated and you reeeeaaally have to follow canon to understand it. YET DC tried VERY unsuccessfully to do that amidst the narrative to flesh out Hal Jordan and the rest of the Corp in that same time frame. Tall order… Is it any wonder they crashed and burned?

Also, a bit of fan service doesn’t hurt either…

Even if it is to tell people to go f*ck themselves…

New Deviant…

I finally succumbed and got myself a deviant art account…

I didn’t really mean to, Deviant Art was one of those sites that I used to scoff at… I expected lots of creepy otakus and a lot of juvenile arty farty type that are slightly too full of themselves.

BUT I was bored and decided to take a look around the site. There are some SERIOUSLY awesome artworks in there….They are among a lot of thrashy stuff.. but they are DEFINITELY there..

So I signed up, and for the first time, I debuted a piece on deviantart and not here first.

It’s a piece I called “Invisible Invulnerability”  which shows Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four (or Future Foundation, whichever way you want to cut it) with her force field up. Was always fascinated by Sue Storm because she is supposed to be invisible, yet have a super strong forcefield. Trying to capture this duality in this piece with her battling with fire.

And I suppose it’s the way I feel about my presence on deviantart too.

Rest of my works can be seen here: theflamingskull.deviantart.com


So… New comic book day came and gone.. and sadly, there were no real comic books of note this time round. Both the Flashpoint and Fear Itself issues for this week did not advance the storyline of the respective tent pole events much.

I would even go so far as to say that “Flashpoint: Grodd of War” and “Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies” were kind of “meh” and spent entire issues fleshing out things, although critical to the main storyline, that can be covered in a few pages.

On the Fear Itself front, the stand out issue for this week have to be the Invincible Iron Man #505, but that’s no surprise as Matt Fraction’s creative team has been stellar for the past year or so… True, there’s nothing stand outish for this issue, but it foreshadows future events, which are kind of exciting for me… I like it when the chips for the heroes are down and things seem hopeless beyond words… That’s Invincible Iron Man #505.

One item on my pull list this week was the TPB for the Immortal Iron Fist: Escape from the Eighth City. IIF is a title that I trade wait because I just don’t find it worthwhile to buy individual issues of it. I was bowled away by the artwork. So much so that I was inspired to make this:

Yes, it’s Lady Bullseye, who is more of Daredevil’s Rogue. But I like her oriental appeal.

Was going for a paint brush-y, chinese calligraphy-y look with this piece. I have to admit, I was more than a little inspired by the art style on the Street Fighter 4 series.

Only thing is, I can’t seemed to be able to get the paint brush feel down pat yet…