I am this close to saying… Flashpoint Sucks

Don’t get me wrong.. I think the main Flashpoint ROCKS. I’m having fun with the shock reveals that comes with every issue. It’s just the rest of the “companions” to Flashpoint that is getting to me. I am referring to the 101 tie ins that come with Flashpoint

They’re all suffering from what I term “alternateuniverseseventisvitis”.

The main Flashpoint book is an interesting foray into an Elseworld where things are familiar but not totally so, these so called tie ins just dance around the central “world”, while accomplishing almost nothing else.

B and C list characters are dying like mayflies in the Flashpoint world, but there’s this feeling that all these will not be of any consequences when we shift back to regular programming. This would not be so bad if the tie ins manage to tell an engaging story that is coherent with these “deaths”.

We’re more than half way through Flashpoint, and almost none of the tie ins seemed to be adding any value to the Flashpoint-verse other than to expand on things that we’ve already known since the beginning of Flashpoint. It took 2 issues of “Emperor Aquaman” to bring us on a huge roundabout to reach THIS point:

The Flashpoint one shots are the worst offenders of this. I am especially disappointed with titles such as “Flashpoint: Reverse Flash”. Contrary to my initial beliefs that it would contain new insights and add twists to the world of Flashpoint, it just told us that the Reverse Flash used his “time altering” powers to change the past of Barry Allen and that he was the one responsible for the death of Barry’s mum. It took one (not very cheap) issue to tell us a tale that had been established from the start of Flashpoint. WTF??!!!

This is made more apparent when the “event” is compared to one such as “War of the Green Lanterns” that contained more “HOLY SHIT” moments than you can shake a roll of toilet paper at. On top of that, “War of the Green Lanterns” was intriguing, smart and funny. Even with the impending DCU revamp threatening to make the whole crossover event obsolete and redundant, it managed to set up a final panel that makes you go “NO WAAAAAAAAY….”

Now, that is what I call a stellar event.

Go Team Green Lantern!


In a Flash

It’s New Comics Day again!

Really excited about the latest installments of Flashpoint, in spite of myself…

Decided to do up a piece on The Flash….

Slightly different from what I’ve done previously…

The thing about the Flash is all about his speed… Trying very hard to capture his kinetic nature.

It’s also one of my first time experimenting with a non black background. There’s a lot more to consider with regard to the color scheme to make sure that everything “goes”…

There’s also a lot more modeling to be done then the usual works…

Fear the Flashpoint Itself

WARNING: Images contained in this post contain MAJOR spoilers for Flashpoint and Fear Itself!!

The last comic week saw the release of the latest issues in the Big 2’s tent-pole summer events.

Flashpoint #2 for DC – which sees Barry Allen making sense of Thomas Wayne Batman (AKA Red Eyed Casino Bats), and trying to kickstart his Flash powers by means of… ermm… electric chair suicide?


Fear Itself #3 for Marvel – which sees Bucky Cap and the Avengers FINALLY confronting Sin and Blitzkreig USA after THREE months of hemming, emoting and hawing…

The result of all these events?

Is it me? Or is there something oddly similar about the two images above?

And… how misleading would these pictures be?

My take:

Barry Allen – Being one of only two people aware of the “original” DC universe, it’s unlikely that DC will kill him off… Unless Booster Gold suddenly acquire Flash like super speed and becomes the surprise Protagonist of Flashpoint, Barry will probably have a “rebirth” with speed powers returned at the start of Flashpoint #3

Bucky Cap: Here’s the dootzy. We’ve seen Steve Cap getting ready to leave the command post and take his place “as a soldier in the battlefield” in Fear Itself #3. It seems the perfect opportunity for Marvel to reinstate him as the ONE Captain America in the Marvelverse after trying Bucky out for a year. It would also be just in time for the movie release of Captain America: The First Avenger. Newcomers to the Marvelverse via the movie would not be confused by a different Cap than the one featured in the movie. Also, the crossover is not called Fear BUCKY itself…

There is one small problem though… People LOVE Bucky Cap.

Ok, I LOVE Bucky Cap. Guns, metal suit with American Flag pointing towards his crotch and all… He’s conflicted and flawed, with a hazy and mysterious past that had not fully been explored yet. He’s not the perfect, blond, all-American Blue eyed Captain America that Steve Rogers was. In other words.. he is more INTERESTING.

So, if you are listening to me, Marvel… PLEASE DON’T KILL OFF BUCKY CAP!!

Haven’t we seen this before?

“Everything you know will change in a Flash”

The DCU is set for a major revamp after their summer blockbuster event, Flashpoint. There had already been rumors that all current in-continuity DC titles will be scrubbed and 52 new titles will be relaunched with issue #1.

I am not sure what my stand is on this is, at the moment… On one hand I think it is a potentially bold move by DC to capture new readers who would not be bogged down by little things such as “continuity”. On the other hand, I think Continuity rules, and the necessities of capitalism has bitch slapped fanboys like myself who had doggedly followed every “relaunch” the Big 2 goes through.

But hey… it’s just me… and I’ve been wrong before… This could prove to be a launch pad for new and exciting stories with a modern sensibility… Just look at Spider Man after Brand New Day…

Anyway, Flashpoint started spiritedly enough with these cryptic messages in Booster Gold…

Along with the Flashpoint teaser montage below, I think it was a fair prelude of what was to come in Flashpoint.

So far, we’ve seen a couple of big reveals about the world of Flashpoint.


We know that Bruce Wayne was the one who was killed in Crime Alley, and because of this, Thomas Wayne became evil red eyed Batman.

We’ve learned that the Flashpoint World is without a Superman, and Cyborg, ultimate B-Lister got to step off the bench and became THE hero of this new world. Boy, you know your world is screwed when you look in the sky and see a Cyborg dropping towards you. Does he even fly?

We’ve discovered that an all out war between the seemingly villainous Aquaman-led Atlanteans and Wonder Woman’s fury driven Amazons caused most of the world to descend into madness. The war climaxed in the sinking of Western Europe – probably taking along with it the world’s last beer and wine reserve… No wonder everyone is angry.


All in all, it seems like a well stretched out Elseworlds  or “What if”s event, except for one thing… it’s set in the “Original” DC Universe… whatever that means anymore.

Does this sound familiar to other long time comic fans?

Yup… Flashpoint reminds me of Marvel’s Uber hit, the Age of Apocalypse where Prof X was killed in the past by his son Legion. He never formed the X-Men in time to defeat Apocalypse and hence a future was created where Mutants ruled through Apocalypse’s paradigm of “Survival of the Fittest”.

To a (very young) me, the series was the bee’s knees as it shows how one small event in the past can lead to a whole new set of possibilities and drastically different outcomes. A comic book lesson in Butterfly Effect.

So far, there’s been no mention of what caused the huge changes in the DC Universe.

All evidences so far point towards the Reverse Flash altering Barry Allen’s past, and in doing so, changed the course of history. At the moment, it seemed that there are too many changes in the current situation to have been the cascading effect brought on by a singular event.

But you never know… Personally, I have faith in the story telling abilities of Geoff Johns to introduce a twist to the assumption that Professor Zoom is the man causing the Flashpoint timeline. (I hope) the late release date of “Flashpoint: Reverse Flash”  would support my theory and introduce a (MAJOR) twist in the tale. I am personally stoke to see which is the milestone “singular” event that brought on this new future…

Boy, would it suck if the cause of Flashpoint is just one of Flash’s Rogues running around, changing EVERY key events of the Past just so he can screw around with Barry Allen.

The Fantastic Four is dead, Long live the Fantastic Four!

Johnny’s body (or lack thereof) is barely cold (pun intended) in its grave and Marvel had already announced the new member of the FF – Peter Parker with what looks like his 10,000th (new) (new) (new) (new) new suit for this month.

With the inclusion of Spidey, the quartet can rightfully call themselves the Fantastic FOUR again, but through some weird logic (likely from the marketing department), now decide to call themselves the Future Foundation instead. In one move they retained the alliterated team name and at the same time, re-branded themselves as a team that is not 50 years old… even though alliterated team names are so half a century ago.

Whatever the name, the FF must be rolling in the big bucks to be able to attract Peter Parker in his 10,000th monthly appearance in random comic books on top of his own (10,000) series  and the (new, mighty, secret, mysterious, running out of adjectives) Avengers.

Also, can’t say that I care much about the new Tron like costumes and the weird three-hexagon shaped new logo. Remind me again, if your group comprises of four members, shouldn’t the logo be square motif-ed? Or at the very least, comprise of four hexagons??

(Not) Another Super Hero Death

That’s correct. The Fantastic Four is now the Fantastic Three.

The story has been building up for months and the secret is so confidential  that the comic books featuring the death were packaged in black polybags and not sold on newsstands.

For the umpteenth time, Marvel proclaimed that this death is “permanent and would have far reaching consequences in the Marvel Universe”.

Nice try, Marvel.

I have 2 words for you… “Steve Rogers”.

I don’t think anyone is holding their breath that this death would be  permanent. They might die from oxygen deprivation. Wait… given the speed the resurrections occur these days, they might not…

So, the question to ask is… who died?

*Spoiler alert*

Just the third Human Torch in the Marvel Universe (after Jim Hammond and Taro), but then again, who’s counting? Like I said, nobody’s expecting the death to be permanent.

Johnny is easily the most accessible member of Marvel’s first family. Reed behaves like a general jerk, while Sue is possibly promiscuous with some not-completely-human species. Sure, Ben has the whole Frankenstein-ien misunderstood monster thing going for him, but seriously, there is only so much whining a guy can take from a comic book. So that leaves us with the stereotypical party animal, Johnny. Everyone loves a guy that lives fast and die young (literally) right? It shows us how good life can be if only you have the balls to have a blatant disregard for responsibility. What’s the fun of the Fantastic Four without Johnny?

So here’s a new render… my tribute to the 50 year old party animal – Johnny Storm… till you come back again.

My personal bet is the “resurrection” will occur within a year.


Greenest Lantern

I’ve raved about his movie.

I’ve raved about his mega event.

I’ve even raved about his merchandises.

And so I decided to put my act together and start modeling my own Hal Jordan.

I’m still deciding on a final “look”, and his bottom half (specifically the boots) are a bitch to model.

But here’s a sneak peak of my Green Lantern model.

Love the number of ways I can play with the lighting due to the Green Lantern ring. This one is supposed to give a “noir-ish” feel. It’s very much inspired by Alex Ross’ portraits of superheroes.

Quick question: For the glowing power ring… Lens flare or no?