Ok. Fine, I am not really such a big fan of grotesque re-presentations of Norse legends.

But I thought I should give Marvel a chance after my uncharacteristic raving at the trailer for the Green Lantern movie.


2009 is gonna be a great year for movies

And here I thought Watchmen will be the only movie I’ll be eagerly anticipating…

Adaptation of the most “it can’t possibly be meant for kids” scary kiddy book that I’ve ever read….  And totally in stop motion…

And is it just me, or does authors have the most awesome jobs in the entire world????

Holy Balls of Blue!

Just watched this and it got my panties all bunched up… hmmm… ok that might not be the perfect expression but you know what I mean….

SIMPLY AWESOME, right? This is THE comic that started it all for me.

Before Sandman, before Swamp Thing, before Animal Man, there was Alan Moore with his whacked out version of the Justice League. It is a tale that oozes with high concepts of truth, justice and morality. It provides an uncompromising look at the ugliness of humanity, forcing you to look into an abyss and seeing nothing. Yet, at the same time, it demonstrates how much humanity more we can be capable of.

That is why his characters are so bizarre and yet, so easy to identify with. His heroes are poster boys (and girls) of their own brand of insanity who are trying to save the world through their own path of self destruction.

watchmen cover skeleton kissing

Watchmen was the THE book that taught me comics can be much more than just my Incredible Hulks and X Factors (though those are pretty good too). It is also THE book I’ll impose on anyone who disses comics as a “medium for kids”.

watchmen cover smiley face blood splatter

And this was the first Trailer for Watchmen that came out some time back. I believed I made a vow not that long ago to stop watching trailers.

But what the hell, right? This is the WATCHMEN!! Don’t think I’ve anticipated a movie as much since NAAAAACHOOOOOO Libre

watchmen simpsonized version


Recommended by the Girlfriend

Using 9-11 and counter terrorism as excuses, people all around the world are slowly but surely giving up on their civil liberties and compromising on their basic human rights just to become “safe”. We put up with inconveniences and do not even mind when we have people looking through things that were once considered “private”.

So here comes Director Adam Rifkin (who incidentally, also gave us Monster, one of the most disturbing shows I’ve watched…. they managed to make Charlize Theron Ugly??????!!!) with Look – a show shot entirely using… Surveillance Camera?

The trailer itself is deeply disturbing enough for me… I mean, “the average American is recorded 200 times a day”. Really??? Big Brother is watching.

But is this the Real Deal or just Gimicky Movie Making? Time will tell. Me? I’ll (eagerly) wait to see how this one turns out.

Thank you, Girlfriend