Lady of the Flames

The Goddess of Fire

I know it’s been a long time, but we’re taking a break from travelling, so I’m giving this a try again…

Anyway, I’m experimenting with elemental effects for now. This is one of first pieces I am trying out with an original character. It’s also the second nude figure I am doing after Lady of the Water

I should probably do an elemental goddesses series.



My first full body render of the Green Lantern… The edges are still a bit sharp.. Probably need a bit more of photoshop work on it, but….yay!

Brightest Day, Blackest Night

Still having trouble with the full body modeling of Hal Jordan.

Making progress with the boots though.

Decided to do a close up of GL winding up for a punch.

Did I mention I really enjoy rendering the lights because of his power ring? Decided to dial down a notch on the greenest though…

Greenest Lantern

I’ve raved about his movie.

I’ve raved about his mega event.

I’ve even raved about his merchandises.

And so I decided to put my act together and start modeling my own Hal Jordan.

I’m still deciding on a final “look”, and his bottom half (specifically the boots) are a bitch to model.

But here’s a sneak peak of my Green Lantern model.

Love the number of ways I can play with the lighting due to the Green Lantern ring. This one is supposed to give a “noir-ish” feel. It’s very much inspired by Alex Ross’ portraits of superheroes.

Quick question: For the glowing power ring… Lens flare or no?

And I maintain that Geeks are the sappiest Romantics in the world

I have to say, I am surprised!

What started out as a seemingly self indulgent, heavily CGI-ed green screened project turns out to be one of the best short films I’ve seen this year, granted we’re only a quarter into the year, but…. you know what I mean.

And for a presumably low budget indie film, the actors were really stellar.