Let’s Mash Things Up!

Seems like the cool things to do in movies these days is to take 2 seemingly unrelated genres and mash them together.

While B grade horror flicks have been doing that for decades (Think… Freddy vs Jason, Anaconda vs Shark, BearShark vs Octopus (Simply Brilliant)), but now we have big name directors… i mean EXECUTIVE directors such as Steven Spielberg coming onboard for projects such as this….


How awesome is this??? It has James Bond, Indiana Jones and.. the pretty girl from House in it too. Seems like a pretty good budgeted flick to me.

Speaking of mash ups, of course, there is also my next anticipated film below.

Fantasy meet…. wait for it… stoner flick! From the director of my personal winner of 2009’s most awesome stoner flick award  (Pineapple Express).

Plus it features Natalie Portman’s half naked @$$ (see trailer)

I am sold!