Company that I could really work with

3 posts in 1 day has got to be a record.

I’ve mentioned before that THIS is a company that I could really work for.

Youtubing today further reinforced my point.

Being environmentally friendly and socially responsible is a Big icing on the cake.

Also, they have truly creative ways to solve old problems. According to the Google blog, they “have some fields that we need to mow occasionally to clear weeds and brush to reduce fire hazard”. Ordinary people (meaning people like you and I) would’ve just taken out a lawn mower to get rid of the grass. But not Google.

They used goats to mow the lawn. True story.

No wonder it is one of the Fortune 100 companies to work for.

If I haven’t declared it yet:

I would do almost anything to work for Google!


The Bat is Dead, Long Live the Bat

Death of Batman, Final Crisis, Superman, Batman, Superman carrying Batman

I’ve spoken about this before but nothing prepared me for Omega Beam Fried Batman.

This post is a bit late, coming to the party. The cynical among you would diss this as just another publicity attempt and that Bats would “return from the dead” soon enough.

To that, I say… “Bah”

We already know that Bats (version: Bruce Wayne) is not dead from the final pages of Final Crisis. But this doesn’t stop DC from dishing out a plethora of “Life after Batman” stories.

Unlike the publicity stunt that was Death of Superman, the follow up stories to the death of the Bat were surprisingly good. The ongoing “Battle of the Cowl” series brilliantly highlighted many of the bits characters of the Bat-verse fighting it out to see who would be the next Batman.

Of course, special mention goes to “Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader” by, who else, Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman Batman, Whatever happened to the caped crusader, alfred, batman, cape

I got the comics a few weeks ago.  I had to visit 3 comics shop before being able to acquire Part 2 and Part 1 of the tale… at a cut throat price. I had to do it all with a ranting Girlfriend in tow.

So, the question to ask is… Was it worth it?

To be honest I bought the books based solely on the brand name of Neil Gaiman.

I am a Blind Fan.

And to be even more honest, I kinda hated the books on the first reading. It felt like Neil Gaiman was trying to outweird Grant Morrison, who, of course was the guy responsible for the death of Batman in the first place. (Check out: Batman: R.I.P. and Final Crisis for more information)

Grant Morrison is weird. Grant Morrison has a HUGE fan base from him being weird. Reading a Grant Morrison story is like trying to ride a roller coaster through the House of Mirrors while ingesting copious amounts of Magic Mushrooms.

I don’t like Grant Morrison.

Neil Gaiman, on the other hand, Neil Gaiman wrote the Sandman, for goodness sake. I simply cannot believe that he weird write just for weird writing’s sake. I had to assume he was doing a “Game of You” again. “Game of You”, for the uninitiated is one of the Sandman collection featuring Barbie (yup, actual name and not the doll) and her adventures into her dreamland. The story features a talking cockatoo, a man with a chestful of blackbirds (chest as in breast and not the wooden variety) and  witches traveling by way of menses.

Hated the story the first time. Loved it on re-reading.

So I dug out “Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader” again today to give it a second reading.

whatever happened to the cape crusader gaiman batman

Ok. Even on the second reading, I wouldn’t say it is a story that would live on through the ages.

But it’s starting to read good.

You start to appreciate how the various eras of Batman is represented in the stories.

You’ll appreciate the “Dream” leimotiff (fancy french word for snails) that Gaiman has since the start of his career.

You’ll see how Gaiman used the various short stories scattered in the series to showcase different aspects of the Batman myth. It’s almost like Neil Gaiman’s love letter to Batman.

There is even a central message through the whole story. A message of “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you die. People will always remember you for something. And that something depends on how you lived your life. On your part, you just die at the end of the day.”

I kinda like that.

No Sex In Politics

Politics all around the world had been, for the most part dominated by Men. No matter how fast the feminist movement has progressed over the past few years, there always seem to be a glass ceiling for them to progress to the upper echelons of the political world.

Not anymore.

It seems that the women folks have stumbled on a way to topple our way of life as we know it… The method is so low and yet so blindingly brilliant, not to mention obvious that it’s a wonder no one thought about it earlier. I have a friend in Kenya and he must not be responding well to this little piece of news:

“Women’s activist groups in Kenya have called for a seven-day sex ban on the country’s men in an attempt to shock the political class into overcoming bitter feuds and working together.

I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourselves (by some of you, I meant Women). Would this work? Would Men really succumb to such childish tactics? Would powerful Men give up their quest for power just so they can get into some girls’ panties? Are we so sex-crazed that we would be so easily manipulated?

Speaking as someone who has years of experience being a man, I would say… No doubt about it.

I am not proud of it, but once, in my younger days, I’ve snucked into the Campus swimming pool in the dead of night, and jumped, fully clothed into the pool in the hopes that a specific Girl would let me get into her panties and bear my babies. Of course, I did not count on the fact that most sane women would not want to perpetuate “breaking-and-entering,pool-jumping” genes.

I digress.

Rukia Subow of Maendeleo ya Wanawake of the G10 umbrella of Kenyan women’s organisations was quoted as saying, “This is a national boycott to show that the women of this country have resolved to push for reforms”

If that was not a magnificent pun, I don’t know what is.

“We want an urgent solution to the political problems facing this country,” Subow said, urging the wives of quarrelling coalition partners President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to support the movement.

Of course, my sympathies go to the Prime Minister, who was unknowingly caught in the middle of this discourse. Because in spite of being able to lead an entire country, planning out the various policies to lead the country through this economic crisis, he will not be able to enjoy some Sexytime.

The premier’s wife, Ida Odinga, said she supported the strike body and soul.

Maybe he should try sneaking into local pool and take a cold shower instead.

A long awaited update

I know I know. This place has been barren for some time.

Been busy with other stuff and I have to proudly declare that THAT was a tremendous success, seeing that the Girlfriend is no more.

No, don’t start reporting me to interpol yet.

I’ve just managed to convert the Girlfriend into the Fiancée (or is that fiancé? I’m never sure…). Yeeeeesh…I’m still trying to wrap my mind around calling her that…

We’ve already heard from many reliable sources that getting married is a big logistical and administrative nightmare, so we had a discussion and decided that the best thing we should do is to take things methodically, categorizing all the things we need to do into order of importances, creating spreadsheets of check off lists, and listing down the names and contact numbers of important people…right after we catch the leprecaun ridding on the unicorn in Atlantis.

Seriously, at the moment, it seems like such a monumentous task that we decided we should start by taking small steps and begin work on the most important task at hand…setting up a “Getting Married” blog.

And like all good endeavors, we’re stuck at the most important part – finding a name for the blog.

We’ve already cross veto-ed and exhausted options that sound cool (The Very Cool Married Blog, The Super Cool Married Blog, The Too Cool for School Married Blog),  Punnishly funny (get it? get it?) ones (The Tohst, The Jolly Tohst), obscure movie/cultural/music references (Till you Ring it Till you Sing it, Buying a 747 for the Peanuts, Filling Each Other’s Gaps <NO! FOR THE LAST TIME, IT IS NOT PORNY, IT’S ROCKY!!>, the ominously sounding Life Forever More) but so far, nothing seems to fit. 

We’ve dedicated the first few weeks of the engagement in this pursuit and danggit, we will not move on until we get this done.

Watch this space for updates

P.S: don’t worry true believers, this site will still be maintained if only to share my brilliant thoughts on love, life, movies, comics, music, insane human experiments and anything else in between. I just have to do the other site for my new life now. *cue awwwwwwwww*