Do I really need to plug XKCD again?

Snorted my drink outta my nose as soon as I saw it…

Good stuff…

Ermm… Not suitable for the young?

But you guys know that already, right?


My life is… Hairspray?????????????????

Your result for The Director Who Films Your Life Test…

John Waters

Your film will be 57% romantic, 51% comedy, 28% complex plot, and a $ 37 million budget.

Filmography: Hairspray, Cry Baby, Pecker, A Dirty Shame, Serial Mom, Polyester, Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Mondo Trasho, and more. Hopefully your entire life happened in Baltimore, Maryland, because that is where your life story will take place with John Waters at the helm. Your mother will be played either by a large transvestite or Kathleen Turner … oh, the levels of irony! Anyway, we hope your life was full of pleasant scents because your movie will be released in Smell-O-Vision like his movie Polyester (1981), but will likely not have any dog-poop-eating such as in Pink Flamingos (1972). Johnny Depp will play your uncle.

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I KNEW IT! I'm a Pink Flamingo!WOOHOOO

Childhood Dreams, Again…

One of the more rewarding outcome of these 3 Lost Weeks was that it really allows me to take stock of my life. (and here I need to emphasize on the Really) (I’m not kidding).

It’s like being one of those hermits on those mountain tops, where you’re forced to think about the Meaning of Life and try to reach enlightenment by trading loads of sexual jokes with other sexually deprived individuals.

Anyway, I realised that for all my complainings, I’ve not had such a bad life after all. I believe that dollars and cents are not the prime indicators of success in one’s life. Rather, we should take a broader view point of life and accept euros, pounds, whatchamightcallits as well. Haha, I kid.

I recently read that one gauge of success in life is how many of your childhood dreams you’ve managed to attain. Remember those innocent days when nothing seems impossible? When you believed in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and honest politicians? The theory behind that is that those were the times when your dreams were most pure (literally: Angelina Jolie does not feature in them as much) and hence a better reflection of who you are and what you want to be.

In that stead, I’ve actually been doing quite well.

I’ve performed to standing ovations. Granted, that was for the school band and a bulk of the audience consists of friends and family who will, and here I am just stating the facts, break into wild cheers and applause if someone sneezes on stage. I don’t want to brag but I am gifted with one of the worst sense of rhythm in the entire world (I am sometimes able to go through entire songs without getting any of the beats on cue). And being a professional (looking) percussionist (I wear a blazer and hit stuff), that can cause some amount of distress to the rest of the band. You see, my sense of timing breaks into overdrive when I get excited. Seeing as this happens when a) I’m faced with an audience who is too eager to applaud, b) I need to touch any instrument that is supposed to make music, it wrecks havoc on the songs we play. If it wasn’t for the Stern Looks from the conductor, I’d have driven the band faster and faster with my drum beats until they all keel over and die from lack of oxygen. And I would’ve still continue on, oblivious… So, you can see, standards for standing ovations were not that high (come to think of it, they gave us a standing ovation BEFORE we started performing), but I don’t care, that was one childhood dream fulfilled.

I’ve participated competitively in sports and won medals (fine, medal). Not bad for someone who’s main source of daily exercise(here I am talking about particularly strenuous days) is running away from people who are trying to make me exercise.

I’ve made a film (really!)

I’ve eaten bak chor mee (literally: the most awesome food in the world) at a roadside stall with a girl I love.

I’ve sailed around the world! (Fine! Halfway around the world). I was particularly specific about the sailing part. And through that I’ve seen sights and done things I would never have attempted if it has been processed by the more mature and logical brain of an adult. To be honest, I’m quite thankful that there are still times when I can still think thoughts that seems like they haven’t been processed by the more mature and logical brain of an adult. (yes, laugh away)

Anyway, enough of my bragging. What about you?

What are your childhood dreams and how many of them have you accomplished?

Music can sooth the wildest beast

More and more, I am inclined to believe in this statement. As I am typing this on my handphone, I am surrounded by battle hardened men, men who will think nothing of crushing your skulls with their barehands.

Yet, at this very moment, we’re all sitting in a circle, utterly defeated by one man in the centre of our ring, a man armed only with his guitar. He’s singing an original composition of his; a song of loves lost and lovers missed. Looking around, there are guys tapping along to a song they’ve never heard before. Guys stop at the bbq pit and let the music take them. But more than anything else, there are guys who have their eyes closed, heads lifted towards the stars, thinking about their loved ones back home.

And for a moment, it was nice…

Also, notice how subtly I make use of “we” to positively associate myself with “battle hardened guys” and “guys who’ll think nothing of crushing your skulls with their bare hands”?

Nice? I know…

Updates for 3 Weeks

I’ve been away for the better part of 3 weeks for a trip with the Company.

For me, that means being cut off from the rest of civilization for almost the entire period, with human interaction being limited to the few souls who are along for the same trip.  Living in this state of existence forces you to think about certain stuff… Stuff that you won’t normally spend much time pondering about.

And after a while, you’ll also realize that things you thought were indispensable were not that big a deal after all. You’ll spend a lot of your time thinking about the people back Home. You’ll realize that you spend your time thinking about the most surprising people. And people that you thought were important to you scarcely enter your thoughts at all. And that no matter how tough the going gets, Love truly conquers all. That the thought  of someone who you care about is all that you need to get you through the day.

And you know that it really must be Love when the image that haunts your for the better part of 3 weeks is one of the Girlfriend opening her mouth wide to show you her tonsils…

Weird, I know….