Problem Solving…

One of my first works featuring the lovely Black Widow..

I’m trying to recreate the feel of one of Lichthenstein’s piece merged with an old communist constructivsm style poster. Added a Lenin quote at the end (no… I did not come up with that myself…) because I thought it was appropriate.

I think that on some level it worked, because it’s the first piece I did that got some recognition… Third place in a community vote on deviant art!

It’s a start… so, Joy!


Sweet Screams

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I’m trying for a more pastel-y tone in this piece featuring Black Canary…

Definitely not one of my more stellar work but in my defense, I did it in the name of experimentation and working out of my comfort zone… Somehow I’ve never been very comfortable working with pastels, so on the quest of finding my “style”, I decided to give it a try.

To be honest, I am slightly under-whelmed by the results, but I hope that on some level, it worked…

In the meantime, I’ll be staying off pink for a while…

I am this close to saying… Flashpoint Sucks

Don’t get me wrong.. I think the main Flashpoint ROCKS. I’m having fun with the shock reveals that comes with every issue. It’s just the rest of the “companions” to Flashpoint that is getting to me. I am referring to the 101 tie ins that come with Flashpoint

They’re all suffering from what I term “alternateuniverseseventisvitis”.

The main Flashpoint book is an interesting foray into an Elseworld where things are familiar but not totally so, these so called tie ins just dance around the central “world”, while accomplishing almost nothing else.

B and C list characters are dying like mayflies in the Flashpoint world, but there’s this feeling that all these will not be of any consequences when we shift back to regular programming. This would not be so bad if the tie ins manage to tell an engaging story that is coherent with these “deaths”.

We’re more than half way through Flashpoint, and almost none of the tie ins seemed to be adding any value to the Flashpoint-verse other than to expand on things that we’ve already known since the beginning of Flashpoint. It took 2 issues of “Emperor Aquaman” to bring us on a huge roundabout to reach THIS point:

The Flashpoint one shots are the worst offenders of this. I am especially disappointed with titles such as “Flashpoint: Reverse Flash”. Contrary to my initial beliefs that it would contain new insights and add twists to the world of Flashpoint, it just told us that the Reverse Flash used his “time altering” powers to change the past of Barry Allen and that he was the one responsible for the death of Barry’s mum. It took one (not very cheap) issue to tell us a tale that had been established from the start of Flashpoint. WTF??!!!

This is made more apparent when the “event” is compared to one such as “War of the Green Lanterns” that contained more “HOLY SHIT” moments than you can shake a roll of toilet paper at. On top of that, “War of the Green Lanterns” was intriguing, smart and funny. Even with the impending DCU revamp threatening to make the whole crossover event obsolete and redundant, it managed to set up a final panel that makes you go “NO WAAAAAAAAY….”

Now, that is what I call a stellar event.

Go Team Green Lantern!