In the spirit of the last post

Here’s another gem that I found online. It’s not TECHNICALLY a comic, but it’s still pretty good. It’s called a Softer World. Some of my favs below:

softer world, laundrette



Too much mental stimulation!!

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been catching up on my reading since I reached here. Indeed, the first few months were great, finding good, thought provoking literature at ridiculously cheap prices is like a nerd’s wet dream, or so I thought…

See, the downside for all this is that you can ONLY find good, thought provoking literature at ridiculously cheap prices here. It is extremely hard finding good, brain cell destroying, reality escaping novels or comics here (unless you count the numerous Mills and Boons available, but even I am not that desperate yet).

Even if it has not been apparent thus far, and because I am good and kind and wise and smart, I shall spare you guys the ordeal of me waxing lyrical poetry proclaiming my love for the comics.

Long story short, I’ve resorted to satisfying this craving online, and boy, did am I glad I did so. Besides the wonderful xkcd, my latest discovery is this comic called “FISHTOWN”, which is without a doubt one of the most engaging and deeply disturbing read I’ve had in a long long time… in ANY medium.

Great stuff. Check it out if you have the chance and let me know what you think

And then there were 7301

When I posted the article about XKCD, I didn’t know how popular and crazy they actually are…

A few days after they posted this….

the search results for the term “died in a blogging accident” spiked from the measly 2 results to (a last count of) 7300….

Talk about skewing internet trends…

And then there were 7301

Stick Figures

Found this totally irrelevant and absolutely hilarious webcomic. The Stroke of Genius here… It features Stick Figures. Totally appeals to the nerd in me


XKCD, stick figures

XKCD, stick figures


And some that are strangely sweet….

XKCD, stick figuresXKCD, stick figures


XKCD, stick figures


The Geniuses that came up with this says it best, it is

“A webcomic of romance,
sarcasm, math, and language.”

So, if you’re bored (stuck in your office), do check out

for some good old time stick figure goodness