Conner Kent of Earth… DIE!

I’ve been raving about “Blackest Night” a fair bit on this site, so it’s not a surprise that I am a big fan. What’s not to like? Zombie meta humans smacking each other around.

I particularly like the bit where Hal Jordan’s New Guardians faced off against Black Lantern-ed version of heroes who have died and “cheated death” before. Seeing as how characters are moving through the revolving door of comic book death so fast these days, that is A LOT of Black Lantern powerhouses, including Superman, Wonder woman, Impulse, Green Arrow and one of my personal favorites – Superboy.

Conner Kent started out as a bit of a joke after the (*irony alert*) “Death of Superman” event.

What we initially know was that he was created by Project Cadmus to replace Superman. He was artificially aged to mid-teens and implanted with the necessary knowledge of someone his biological age (in regards to general studies, such as math, reading, etc). When Superboy arrived in Metropolis, he went by “Superman” and had no real name. While glibly asserting he was the original Superman, he quickly rebuked any insinuation he was the original Superman. In fact, he told anyone who’d listen that he was a clone of Superman.

This clone thing went on for quite a while in an age where “cloning” was a considerably dirty word, thanks to the whole Spider Man “Clone Saga”.

It was later on in his life that it was revealed that Conner Kent was a part of Project 13. Project Cadmus did a total of twelve failed experiments. They grafted what they could of Superman’s DNA onto human DNA and that process stabilized the extraterrestrial genes-thus Superboy was born, fifty percent Kryptonian and fifty percent human.

It got more interesting when the fifty percent human DNA was found to belong to one Lex Luthor.

This evolved Conner Kent into an interesting figurehead for storylines about  “Nature vs Nurture” dichotomy.

Anyway, I was quite disappointed that Conner didn’t get to lay the smackdown on anyone in the Rainbow Brigade. So here’s my latest render – Black Lantern Superboy!


From Great Evil comes…

Check out this awesome image from… wait for it… a car insurance company!

Amazing ambush advertising? Or the inspired creation of a bored employee? I don’t know, and I don’t really care.

Autobots, ROLL OUT!

The Fantastic Four is dead, Long live the Fantastic Four!

Johnny’s body (or lack thereof) is barely cold (pun intended) in its grave and Marvel had already announced the new member of the FF – Peter Parker with what looks like his 10,000th (new) (new) (new) (new) new suit for this month.

With the inclusion of Spidey, the quartet can rightfully call themselves the Fantastic FOUR again, but through some weird logic (likely from the marketing department), now decide to call themselves the Future Foundation instead. In one move they retained the alliterated team name and at the same time, re-branded themselves as a team that is not 50 years old… even though alliterated team names are so half a century ago.

Whatever the name, the FF must be rolling in the big bucks to be able to attract Peter Parker in his 10,000th monthly appearance in random comic books on top of his own (10,000) series  and the (new, mighty, secret, mysterious, running out of adjectives) Avengers.

Also, can’t say that I care much about the new Tron like costumes and the weird three-hexagon shaped new logo. Remind me again, if your group comprises of four members, shouldn’t the logo be square motif-ed? Or at the very least, comprise of four hexagons??

(Not) Another Super Hero Death

That’s correct. The Fantastic Four is now the Fantastic Three.

The story has been building up for months and the secret is so confidential  that the comic books featuring the death were packaged in black polybags and not sold on newsstands.

For the umpteenth time, Marvel proclaimed that this death is “permanent and would have far reaching consequences in the Marvel Universe”.

Nice try, Marvel.

I have 2 words for you… “Steve Rogers”.

I don’t think anyone is holding their breath that this death would be  permanent. They might die from oxygen deprivation. Wait… given the speed the resurrections occur these days, they might not…

So, the question to ask is… who died?

*Spoiler alert*

Just the third Human Torch in the Marvel Universe (after Jim Hammond and Taro), but then again, who’s counting? Like I said, nobody’s expecting the death to be permanent.

Johnny is easily the most accessible member of Marvel’s first family. Reed behaves like a general jerk, while Sue is possibly promiscuous with some not-completely-human species. Sure, Ben has the whole Frankenstein-ien misunderstood monster thing going for him, but seriously, there is only so much whining a guy can take from a comic book. So that leaves us with the stereotypical party animal, Johnny. Everyone loves a guy that lives fast and die young (literally) right? It shows us how good life can be if only you have the balls to have a blatant disregard for responsibility. What’s the fun of the Fantastic Four without Johnny?

So here’s a new render… my tribute to the 50 year old party animal – Johnny Storm… till you come back again.

My personal bet is the “resurrection” will occur within a year.


Vroom Vroom… Or “Yes! I watched the SuperBowl Just for the Commercials!!! – v2011”

Every year, I scour the web for the advertisements from the Superbowl because I cannot bear watching the game on TV just for the commercials.

I think Super Bowl Ads represents the epitome of creativity when it comes to advertising. And why shouldn’t it? The TV spots probably cost enough to buy you your own Third World Country, so the content better be good. Or are they?

The usual heavyweights of Super Bowl Advertisers (Budweiser, Coca Cola, GoDaddy) turned out to be pretty disappointing. The only one which caught my eye was this one by Doritos.

The surprises this year were the advertisements for cars. I normally hate them as they’re mainly visuals of (surprise!) cars running through mountains/deserts/empty roads/random rough terrains with close ups of the slick bodies and moving wheels. It gets kind of repetitive after a while. While there are a few really horrible ones as usual, the following ads from Audi, Chevy and Mini were actually pretty good.

First up is one by Bridgestone (Yes, I know they sell tires, not cars… po-teh-toes, po-ta-toes..

Love the Lassie dig. The CG is not too shabby either.

And because we all love some good sexual innuendoes…

It’s time to “CRAM IT IN THE BOOT”

This Audi ad is hilarious. I especially enjoy the part where a Rival Company’s car is featured with the soundbite “My dad used to own one”. Class act!

Speaking of rivalry ads, this one from Motorola is actually pretty good with its (not so) subtle dig at Apple’s I-zation of … well.. pretty much everybody in the world.

There were even a few relatively “witty” advertisements, such as this one featuring Eminem in an Escher like claymation sequence. Eminem-C Escher? Or is it just me?

There’s also this little piece from (surprise!) Car Max. it’s a simple concept, but for some weird reason, I enjoyed it immensely.