Joke of a Bat

What if Joker became the Batman? inspired to do this piece by the Flashpoint version of Batman.

One of the critiques to one of my previous piece was that the background was not exciting enough, so decided to try my hand at doing some background work… a shambled down Gotham with a Bat/Joke signal in the background…


Presidential Material

I suppose this is a little late in coming… But, look what I found!

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. Say what you want, but he is an essential pop culture icon of our generation. Imagine that, a president that’s no longer a fuddy duddy redneck. And like it or not, the Media seems dead set on painting him as the JFK of our times, and his press team is more than happy to help them along with that… less the parts about the scandals, of course.

If only that cover did not bear such an uncanny resemblance to this one…


But I suppose, it could be worse….

george W Bush, Joker

Year of the Bat

This will seem blasphemous to some, but I did not really enjoy “The Dark Knight”

After raving about the hype in a previous post, I felt a bit underwhelmed by the whole experience. “Batman Begins” was an awesome flick. I think that’s partly because it seems like a breath of fresh air after the farce that descended on the whole franchise when Joel Schumacher took over the series. (I shall not bitch about bat nipples and neon villains). We had a tank-like Batmobile, we have Aslan as Ra-shal-gul, we even have a wise cracking Alfred and Lucius Fox. Batman remains as the dark, methodical bastard that he is, but we could still see glimpses of Bruce Wayne.

“Dark Knight”, however is a dark, dark flick with nothing to counter balance it. The plot is semi-deep (which is twice as deep as most Hollywood fare these days) and there seems to be no end to the blanket of doom and gloom that envelops the whole show. Batman (and the denizens of Gotham, of course) just keeps finding himself mired in deeper and stickier layers of shit as the movie progresses.

You’d think that the presence of the Joker will elevate that. After all, he is created to be the Super ego to Batman’s Id. He is wild abandonment compared to Batman’s cold calculations. He is everything that Batman is not. In other words, the Joker is supposed to be fun.

No offense to the dead guy,(preparing for more gasps of disapproval…) but this will always be my Joker.

“Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

Kudos for Harvey Dent though. He is definitely one of the most 3 dimensional character in the show. Because we are the sadistic bastards that we are, we all love the story of a fall from grace. “Schadenfreuder”, if I remember my Boston Legal correctly. Huge Kudos for the design of Two-Face too. Don’t think I could’ve sat through another one of this…

On other news, (warning: HUGE geek alert), NEIL GAIMAN IS WRITING BATMAN!!!

And if I did not make myself clear on that statement,


Right, now that we have that out of the way.

I know, I know. It is probably more of a marketing move than a creative one. I mean, there are fanboys out that who will just buy ANYTHING that Gaiman even scribbles on right? So Batman + Gaiman =  Ka-ching, Kaching.

Having said that, this is not the first time Gaiman wrote Batman. If memory serves me right, he actually wrote some tales about the bats that was collected in Batman: Black and White, along with other stories from Frank Miller and such.

Don’t remember the story, but I don’t remember it as particularly outstanding. Which can be looked at from both ways.

But that’s the thing about anthology short stories. They don’t really have time to grow. I know some of the best stories are the shortest ones. But I also believe in the rewarding of loyal readers. To be there from the start of an epic and looking at all the pieces coming together after a long build up is something else altogether.

Gaiman’s take on Batman will come by after Grant Morrison’s arc that is ominously named “Batman R.I.P.” I have no idea how long Gaiman’s arc on Batman will be, but I hope that it has time to grow and mature..

And that the Joker’s in it…

And that it involves no Bat nipples.

I HAVE to do that

Oh right, if it warms your cockles to (probably) see Batman tears (literally) someone a new one, there’s also this lil thing coming up…


Let’s generate some traffic for this blog…

by jumping on the “Dark Knight” bandwagon… there… Surely I’ll get some traffic from the mere mention of the name “Dark Knight” (oops… I did it again).

It must be one of the most anticipated movie of the year and I guess the promoters are trying to generate all the hype they can before the movie’s release. Not that I blame them.. there must be shitloads of money invested into the show.

The thing is that this is such a large cash cow that there will be many people trying to milk it. And when there are so many people fighting for the same piece of pie, how do you stand out from the rest of them? The traditional answer to that would be to make your product so much better than your competitions’ that people will have no choice but to buy yours. But these days, I guess, the more cost-efficient way to do it would be to generate as much controversy around your product as possible, so that us desensitized zombie masses will sit up and take notice. I just thought that some lines will never be crossed… such as these…

heath ledger, joker, dark knight, action figure

Announced just weeks after Heath Ledger’s funeral, this stinks badly of cashing in. What makes it worse is the hypocrisy of over emphasizing that “the family gave their blessings” and that he will be “immortalized” by these actions. I guess the headlines says it all, that this might well be a “Cruel Joke”.

Anyway, just managed to catch “A Knight’s Tale” on TV (which was, of course showing a Heath Ledger marathon). Am quite amazed by his on-screen charisma. What can I say? Medieval knights dancing to rock and roll…. rocks! And hence, this outpouring…

But then, I’m probably just taking this wrongly, or as this too cool to be true poster ask:

Joker, Heath Ledger, Poster

Despite my complains of the insane publicity involved, I have to admit… They sure know how to make some really cool posters….

batman, dark knight, poster, bale
dark knight, poster, heath ledger, joker