An Inglorious Bastard

Not very long ago, I blogged about this set of uber cool stamps issued by Royal Mail that got my panties in a bunch.



Any self respecting individual would have taken it as a rant and leave it as that.

So now I’ve discovered the Girlfriend is not just any self respecting individual and actually went out to get me my very own set of stamps!

Granted, she was in the general continent, but still….

Whoopeedy doo me!

Have I said it already? I am one lucky bastard.


I normally think Stamp collecting is for dweebs…

Every time I write a post like this, I feel I need to add in a disclaimer. So here goes…

I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan, but I am really really not stalking him. Maybe except, once in a while… on his blog…

Now that we have that out of the way, check out these awesome looking stamps that Royal Mail just released!


The art is by Gaiman’s long time art collaborator, Dave McKean, graphic designer to nearly all the issues in the Sandmand Series. But along with McKean’s art, each stamp comes with one of Gaiman’s short stories.

Have I said it yet? Lucky British Bastards!

Reliable Post Service

is the bedrock of a mentally stable society…

You can only begin to imagine the amount of mental agony you can be subjected to when you realize that something you’ve been working on for the better part of a month might be “lost in the mail”

NOT to mention the very real possibility of homicidal tendencies when the post office staff claims “it is not my responsibility to track the mail, sir”.

Then who else should I look for? Smurfette????

Now here is the perfect reason to… wait for it… go postal…

Sigh… The joy of a perfect pun set up…

Before you groan too loudly, let me warn you that the homicidal tendencies are very real and still present…