For the Moment…

For the moment, my favorite comic related imagery is this…

beatles Sandman neil gaiman Michael Allred Abby Road

What’s not to like? It features my favorite characters (Delirium, Dream, Death, Desire, Delirium’s flying goldfishes… if only they have Destruction) created by my favorite writer (Guess…), drawn by one of my favorite artist (Michael Allred), paying tribute to my favorite band (Beatles… that’s Abby Road for those of you who just came out from under the rock. Be careful of the sunshine).

Days like these, feels like someone up there wanna look out for me.

I take it as a sign.

Also… my favorite quote of the moment:

Penny: While you’re there, could you pick me up some comics for my nephew’s birthday?

Sheldon: I think you mean comic books. “Comics” are feeble attempts at humor featuring talking babies and anthropomorphized pets, found traditionally in the optimistically-named Funny Pages.

big bang theory, flash, leonard, sheldon, holowitz, raj

Thanks Jacq. Big Bang Theory rocks! Appeals to the inner (REALLY) geek.


And then there were 7301

When I posted the article about XKCD, I didn’t know how popular and crazy they actually are…

A few days after they posted this….

the search results for the term “died in a blogging accident” spiked from the measly 2 results to (a last count of) 7300….

Talk about skewing internet trends…

And then there were 7301

Remembering John

John Lennon

Isn’t it funny that someone who has not even been on the same physical plane of existence as you can affect you so much? Today’s the day the Cowardly Psychopath, Mark David Chapman gunned down the Musical Genius John Lennon. 27 Years ago to the day, in fact. A while ago, I blogged a bit about how the Beatles with the title “Some people never really die, they just stop giving live performances”, but to find the actual article of John’s assassination 27 years later, brings this statement to a new level.

Like almost everyone else, I “discovered” the Beatles through their music and truly, truly believed that they “belong” to me and no one else. That is how good and personal the band and their music are.

These days (Warning: Old fossil rant coming up, in fact, this whole post is the rant of an old foggy, but what the fuck) where singers and bands talk about their “blings” and their “bitches”; where being in a band can mean you are the guy looking intensely at the turntable while trying to coax out more squeaky weasel-ly noises from it; where good hair and successful plastic surgery are all you need to succeed in the music “industry”, it’s not hard to look back at John, Paul, George and Ringo and wish for those simpler times where people still make music. (NO! Mumbling really fast and incoherently while pretending to be nonchalant about being surrounded by scantily clad, big busted women IS NOT MUSIC!!) (It is good entertainment though…) (If you press the “Mute” switch) (I mean who wouldn’t be entertained by spastic looking guys wearing their caps back to front??) (ermm… front still mean the side with the bill…) (right?)

Some things are still the same now as it was back then. Come on, let’s not delude ourselves, the music industry is, has been, and I suspect, will always be about 3 main components – Sex, Drugs and Sex. The Beatles are certainly no choir boys, but in those days (I hate it when my dad use this terms, but it seems the most appropriate for now), being a musicians actually stood for something.

You have a chance, an opportunity to stand up and tell other people what you think. Most people did not, does not and still will not take Right for fear of affecting their popularity and hence their income, but not John. For goodness sake, he refused to get out of bed to support world peace! If that is not inspiration, I do not know what is. It’s about telling the government off when you think they are wrong. It’s about creating “Imagine”, the most definitive shout for peace in our times. It’s about speaking the truth without fear of being labeled a traitor/a communist or in modern day terms: terrorist or religious fanatics. The terms change but the use of them as tools to instill fear and hence, command sheep-like obedience from the flock remains the same. Isn’t it funny and frightening how some things are still the same now as it was back then?

It’s NOT about supporting the most popular “unknown” causes or adopting children from little known country so you can collect them like others collect “Barbies of the World”. (Not that I would know anything about THAT, of course.)

Anyway, this post is a tribute to a great man, his beliefs and more than anything else, his willingness and steadfastness to stand by these beliefs.

Tributes performances to John.

I want to join your band of dreamers and I sincerely hope we’re not the only ones.