Hulk rules!

He really does. I mean I do realize that people’re making fun of him for his  ultra stretchy purple pants. But that just means he’s sharing good company with Nacho Libre, right?

nacho libre, talking, stretchy pants

For a character that might or might not still be in current comic continuity, it was one hell of a movie. It IS obvious to everyone that the stakes of obscure characters tend to rise drastically once their movies hit the big screens, right? Where were Blade and Elektra before their big screen debut? (yes, I know, Elektra might’ve been a Skrull, but still..)


Anyway, Hulk boasts big action, gratitious amount of explosions and the use of cgi to a pornographic extent (what’d you expect? He IS a big green giant) but unlike other shows it doesn’t lose itself in the visual overload. *cough* Superman Returns *cough* In an either or situation, a mediocre story trumps top notch cgi, anytime.

And at the centre of Hulk was the story of Bruce and Betty, the story of Thunderbolt and Betty, and of course the story of Bruce and Emil around which the movie revolves. While Iron Man was a fun watch, it was a story of, well, ermm… a super rich man defending his money with his shiny, new toy. (don’t be mistaken, I’m still a fan of Iron Man) (a lil brainless popcorn dun never hurts anyone).


My point? Marvel’s been doing a pretty swell job of churning out epic, fun  (and slightly deep?) flicks that are accessible to the casual audience while not alienating it’s (hard)core audiences: pimply fan boys. Whoohoo!!

I know Lee Ang wanted his version of Hulk to be a tribute to fan boys everywhere and for the style of the show to be faithful to the genre (guilty confession: I am one of the rare fans. Gamma transformed poodles and all) but this Hulk is so much better. Both as a film and as a Easter Egg hunt for nerds (like me). It not only pays tribute to the comics but the old television series as well.

Hulk, TVhulk, lou ferrignohulk, lou ferrigno

I’m still deciding which got me more excited, Getting the old Hulk in as a security guard or that McGee was a campus reporter who captured the Hulk attack with his mobile. And one particularly nice touch is of course, the appearance of Stern and his eventual fate. Leader, anyone?

hulk, gamma poodle

Very nice indeed.


Badass quote for the moment

“Kate, anytime soon, you’re going to be shitting teeth.

Meditate on that in silence, until the moment comes”

Carey, Faker

Good stuff

By the Power Cosmic

I had the scare of my life.

Just finished Annihilation (Marvel’s space event of 2007) and thought that I’ve finally *gasp* grown out of superhero comics. I bought book 1 and 2 of the trades based on reviews of how it totally redefined story telling of space adventure stories.

I’ve not been much of a fan of space adventures/sci fi stories in the first place but thought that this’ll be  as good a chance as any to try it out.

Annihilation, novaAnnihilation, silver surferAnnihilation, super skrullAnnihilation, ronan

First off, the art (or at least cover art) of the entire series is to die for. Seriously, they’re gorgeous! And the story telling and pacing ain’t bad either. I’m not that familiar with Marvel’s pantheon of space characters (I think they’re pretty lame. I mean, seriously… Ronan the Accuser??) but it was still pretty cool to see a newer, streamlined Drax the Destroyer (see!) tear (literally) Thanos a new one. Of course no one expect THAT to last for long (reference: Super Skrull) (actually, reference: any comic character that’s been dead. I’m looking at you, Uncle Ben!)

Thanos, Drax, Annhilation

So what sucked so badly about the Annihilation series then? The interior art? Not really. They’re not exactly Mignola or Ross standard (ah… The pleasure of geeky name dropping. Being a nerd rules!) but they’re alright. The epic fight scenes are believeable (well…as believeable as any intergalactic fights between super powered beings can be) and not too messy. You can still make out who was on the receiving end of who’s power blasts.

My main gripe was that at the end of book 2, I was told that it was only book 2 of 3! That’s right. To follow the whole series, I’ll need to buy 3 not too cheap trades (setting me back almost 100 bucks) which is a reflection on the industries over bloated and kinda exploitative marketing mechanism. The last calculation for anyone who wanna follow the full story of DC’s “Final Crisis” or Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” was AT LEAST US$115 and US$317 respectively. Shocking!

Annihilation book 3

At that point, I was all but ready to swear off super hero comics.

Then I watched “Hulk” in the cinemas and was reminded why spandex (in this case, stretchy purple pants) rocks. (also, as of now, “Secret Invasion” is living up to all the hype)

Did I mention my wallet’s gonna be dry?


I’ve finally decided on a “no work when I’m off work” policy.

According to some collegues, that shows a “I couldn’t care less” attitude (a bad thing) and might harm my chances of advancement in the long run (a very bad thing). But my point is what’s the point of excelling at work when you cannot even find time to read? ( a very very bad thing indeed)

Anyway, this is not a bitch about work post but a progress report (Of sorts). It’s not much but ever since I’ve adopted my new policy, I’m slowly but surely making headways into the unread comics pile. (Yes, yes, I still long for the day when I can start a new chapter of a novel without having forgotten what I’ve read the previous time. But let’s just start with graphics and magazines and work up from there) (NOT that there is anything wrong with that of course)

Granted, I’ve been making addition to the pile, I think it’s a happy problem to be spoilt for choice on what to read. (Note to self:I should stop buying books when I still have a stack of unread comics lying around. In my defence, the local bookstore was STILL having their 20% off all merchandise… And Y was out. So there! a reason as valid as any. )

Immortal Iron Fist

Up next, the Immortal Iron Fist! (I couldn’t help picking it up. that is one mean ass-ly cool title)

Yup, Y will have to wait

Of Cave men, Green Aliens, Foxy Bounty Hunters and… Vomit?

I had a friend who was crazy about Ka-zar.

I’m serious.

A male friend who was crazy about Ka-zar and not Shanna or Sheena or whatever she’s called now.

But then we were at the age where we just wanted to be different from the mainstream. My personal poison then were Sandman (still an “obscure” character then), Swamp thing along with more mainstream b,c-listers such as Xman, Maverick and Starman.

We burnt loads of our pitiably little lunch money on these “10 cents funnies” that are neither 10 cents nor as funny when you’re reading with an empty stomach.

Anyway,my point for those of you who has been lost thus far… 2 words.. Secret Invasion!

The Marvel super multi crossover that promises to suck dry the wallets of pimply fan boys and geeky comic nerds all around. But if they’re gonna continue throwing Ka-zar-ish characters into the mix, consider my wallet dry.

Now to reinstate my street cred after that uncharactistic mainstream jabber.

Bendis, Jinx, Goldfish

Finally got round to reading Bendis’ “Jinx” as well as Carey’s “Faker”. Jinx is a delightful noir-ish read with 2 con men and one foxy bounty hunter. Peppered with Bendis’ Tarantino-ish dialogue, it’s a joy to read. True, there’s not much in the way of plot twists and the final sequence was a bit outta left field, but still it’s good enough to read based on the dialogues alone.

Faker, Mike, Carey

“Faker” was more of a tryout. Word on the street is mixed with regards to its quality. It’s one of those “either you love it or you hate it” kinda thing. I’m ok with it (see! I’m different!) but think that it reinforces vertigo’s standing in the market of alternative and slightly weird but has a potential to be popular reads. I mean..seriously.. *warning! SLIGHT spoiler* Vomit man?

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

How do you perceive people who are handicapped? Or politically correctly speaking..physically disabled?

Mind.. I have no axe to grind with them but was watching a news article on a community event. It’s a ‘healthy lifestyle’ campaign and ‘for the first time!’, physically disabled individuals are part of the event.

This is followed by the usual sound bites about how they’re  physically disabled but are still socially and mentally active. How many of such sound bites have we heard from ANY events that physically disabled people participate in?

Must we,as a society be reminded of this so often? And more importantly, is this a truly accurate portrayal? How many handicapped person do you personally know that are so positive? Are we putting light the inconveniences (and anguish?) they actually feel? Or are we trying to convince ourselves that they can fend for themselves and that we are looking out for them?

Many  questions? I don’t have any of the answers.

But it’s just something to chew on as I narrate the closing sequence of said news piece. The reporter stood in front of 2 portable toilet units and  said with a perfectly  straight face,”the organisers EVEN rented these 2 toilets that are custom made for the handicapped”

Pardon my pom poms