It Gets Better!

Heartfelt video from the staff at Google for the “It Gets Better” Project.

While it’s a project of support for LGBT youths who are bullied for being who they are, and cannot imagine a future for themselves, I think the same message can be carried across many other groups.

Love the message that no matter what happens now, no matter how bad things seems, if you could just hang on, for one more year, for one more month, maybe even one more day, things could just turn around. And it would be a damn shame if you are not around to see.

Great job, Google!

Did I mention, I wanna work for Google?


Company that I could really work with

3 posts in 1 day has got to be a record.

I’ve mentioned before that THIS is a company that I could really work for.

Youtubing today further reinforced my point.

Being environmentally friendly and socially responsible is a Big icing on the cake.

Also, they have truly creative ways to solve old problems. According to the Google blog, they “have some fields that we need to mow occasionally to clear weeds and brush to reduce fire hazard”. Ordinary people (meaning people like you and I) would’ve just taken out a lawn mower to get rid of the grass. But not Google.

They used goats to mow the lawn. True story.

No wonder it is one of the Fortune 100 companies to work for.

If I haven’t declared it yet:

I would do almost anything to work for Google!

Scar Noodles

You Faithful Readers would probably know about my recent preoccupation with scars and how Cool they look.

Now that the scab on the Chin is slowly but surely developing some scar tissues. Now, one of the primary laws of life is that you HAVE to know where any scars on your body rates on the Coolness Charts.

I needed to know so badly that I actually went out to search for “Scars” on the Internet. For those that know me, you’d probably think, “How masochistic is that?” Come to think of it, even if you don’t know me, you’ll probably be thinking the same thing too…

There’s a bit of history in this in the sense that I am a pussy when it comes to gore.

In fact, my gore tolerance is so low that the most gory scene I can tolerate on the big screen without flinching is Travolta plunging that needle into Uma’s (almost un)heaving bosoms. And to this day, I cannot under state how important a role the bosoms play in this, seeing that flinching is out of the question if you want a clear view of the bosom.

Anyway, my point is that Google’s result for “Scars” is a little overwhelming. Too much garbage.

Manage to sieve out this new search engine, which is kinda cool.

For example, searching for  “Scars” actually gave a definition of scars at the top of the search results and on the same page, it shows results for images, video, references AND conversation topics.

That’s right, there are people talking about scars on the internet, and you get to rate if the question is good or not with a thumbs up or thumbs down rating. It is one strange world out there. The search engine’s tag line is “Human powered search”. Don’t know what that means though. Cause the “About us” page is still empty. Guess they must still be relatively new to the business.

One of the cooler functions of this search engine is that it shows, not only the last 10 searches of anyone at all, you can also display the most popular recent  searches.

The world’s becoming a darker place, a sadder place. Oil prices are up. There’re civil unrest everywhere, the economy is heading into recession. It’s heartening to know that at times of crisis like these. People still cares about the finer things in life – namely, sex.

Yup, unsurprisingly, sex remains one of the most searched for keywords.

And not just any kind of sex, mind you. To keep this blog relatively family friendly, I can only say that they are the kind that could involve some serious scarring…

And… I’ve just been reminded on pain and serious bodily harm that on top of not being Funny, having a scar is not Cool as well.

On pain of death and more (totally) Uncool scars.

So, I shall go back to my favorite activity whenever I find new search engines to play with…


The same fun we all can have  “Googling Google”

Googling Google


Another of those “I don’t know why I did that” moments

For the most part, it is not as exciting as you’d imagine it to be…

The most interesting find being this…

Google, Sleep, Pod

A Google Sleep Pod that blocks out lights and sound, allowing employees to take naps on the job!!

Now, this is a company I could work for…

The Day Before the Exams

I’ve mentioned earlier that this is the examination period, which to me, normally means me using what I’ve learnt so far and applying scientific knowledge, to explore, and exceed, the limits of common sense.

Almost exactly 24 hours ago, I was sitting at this exact same spot with a very big problem. I cannot concentrate on the study materials I have on my desk. There were minor distractions like I was online, the TV was on and my eyes were technically glued to my PSP, but let’s not get started on these.

I knew I had less than 8 hours left to finish revising 21 topics for this morning’s paper. Now many people, faced with this problem, would solve it via some low-tech, unscientific method such as switching off all distractions, find a quiet spot and diligently plow through an average of (21 / 8 = ) 2.625 topics per hour. Having decided long that I am not “many people”, I rationally made the decision to maximize my studying by – remember, this seems like the most wonderful idea at that point of time – Google “Concentration methods exams -porn”.

Now, I know anyone who is reading this might be rubbing your hands in glee thinking “I know where this is heading…” and you would be right, there is “concentration pornography” … it’s intense, but that’s a topic for another day.

Anyway, I found out that one of the “New Age” methods of focusing is by self hypnosis. It seems interesting, and one of my lecturers was mentioning that very day about how he uses yoga and meditation to get into a trance-like state when he really needs to concentrate on a task at hand. I figured that it must be fate that I found this article (and also, hypnosis is a million times more interesting than “Advanced Electromagnetic Waves”. Imagine the power I’ll have!!).

I spent the next 2 hours reading up on self-hypnosis and how it can affect your outlook and mental landscape. It can change the way you look at things. You’ll be able to induce “frames” of mind at will and “wield your mind like the powerful tool that it is” (Direct Quote). Testimonials from people who believe reports improved creativity, higher success rates at quitting bad habits, painless child birth, etc… Do you know what that means? Yes, I effectively have (8 – 2 =) 6 hours left to study for my exams…

In summary, I’ll list some of the facts I’ve learnt. It’s by no means extensive, but it should get you started:

a) No matter how accomplished a real hypnotist is, he cannot make a grown man flap like a chicken. And if anybody tells you anything otherwise, he’s a dirty liar.

b) Hypnosis is a Science and treated very seriously in what I should refer to as “Some Circles” or “Non Dirty Liars”.

c) That you can “put yourself under” at the comfort and convenience of your own home for as little as $29 per pop. Payable by VISA and Mastercard (to Non Dirty Liars, of course). There is no mention of how you can bring yourself over again.

That, for me is the big deal breaker. Imagine going through all the time, effort AND money to learn the skill of hypnosis and just when you are trying it out, realize that you are not able to make a grown man flap like a chicken?

So I decided to stop, at least until the next test comes up. It is a very fascinating subject but one thing still bugs me…

Did I make you google “Concentration pornography”?