Jean Grey – Super Model

3rd piece in my Jean Grey series.

This would be the Grant Morrison’s New X Men version of Jean. The period where they all decided that spandex was not practical for the X Men. I personally think it is a funky/modern take on their costume. This was especially for Jean, whom I think would look like a hipster Super Model in the outfit.

With this piece, I am attempting to create a piece that looks like a magazine spread. There are 3 elements in here that I am experimenting with but was never very comfortable with:

1) Fashion piece (because very simply… I am a guy…)
2) Typography… hope it looks a magazine article’s
3) Black and White renders (I always like colors more… so in the end I succumbed and added a dash of colors still…


Jean Grey with Love

2nd piece in my Jean Grey series. First piece can be seen here.

This one goes waaaay back when she was “Marvel Girl”.

I wanted to recreate a retro pinup piece. Sort of like one of those photos wives/girlfriends used to give the soldiers just before they go off into war.

Probably a piece I might revisit in the future when I get a bit better. There is a sense that something is still… “missing” although I cannot put my finger on it.

Any help in this area would be GREATLY appreciated.