And Even though You’ve not asked for it… BOOM DE YADA!! redux

Yup, in case you’ve not guessed… Boom de Ya Da’s my song for the moment…

And Discovery happily obliged with a Redux version of “The World is just Awesome”.

Secretly, I think this version is slightly nicer…

And from the failed world of “Revenge of the Fallen” comes this rather nice version of “Transformers are just Awesome”

Lastly, the REAL version of I Love XKCD… because you all know I am madly in love with the quirky and slightly geekish humour of XKCD.

Once more… BOOM DE YA DA!!!


Boom de Ya Da!

I am probably REALLY slow to discover *snigger* this Discovery Channel ad for their “The World is just Awesome” campaign.  But really quite impressed by it.

Apparently, it has inspired LOADS of “imitations”, including this really cool one featuring the World of Warcraft!!

And my personal favorite…

They got Neil Gaiman to “sing”!! Awesome…

One thing to note though… local conspiracy theorist are already staking claim that this whole Boom De Ya Da, or should I say Boomz de Ya Da nonsense is inspired by a local “celebrity” *sic*.. as shown in this badly done video.

I wish I could go on… but this Boom de Ya Da thing is stuck in my head.

Boom De Ya Da!!

The Bases Explained

Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… and for those of us not familiar with the baseball terms of references for sexual intimacy (read: not American or Japanese), the always funny and amazingly geeky XKCD illuminate us all…

So which base will you be at on Valentine’s Day?

And then there were 7301

When I posted the article about XKCD, I didn’t know how popular and crazy they actually are…

A few days after they posted this….

the search results for the term “died in a blogging accident” spiked from the measly 2 results to (a last count of) 7300….

Talk about skewing internet trends…

And then there were 7301

Stick Figures

Found this totally irrelevant and absolutely hilarious webcomic. The Stroke of Genius here… It features Stick Figures. Totally appeals to the nerd in me


XKCD, stick figures

XKCD, stick figures


And some that are strangely sweet….

XKCD, stick figuresXKCD, stick figures


XKCD, stick figures


The Geniuses that came up with this says it best, it is

“A webcomic of romance,
sarcasm, math, and language.”

So, if you’re bored (stuck in your office), do check out

for some good old time stick figure goodness