The Camel’s Back

I’m back!

Been back for some time already,in fact.

The Girlfriend actually asked if i’ll be continuing with this when I get back. My answer then was quite a firm “no” since it seems like time will be a premium when I get back. So far, I’ve not been proven wrong.

So work started and I got into the flow of work. It was a new challenge and everything was really exciting, but I just can’t help feeling that there was something missing.

Cue back to the Girlfriend. We were just walking around when she commented that she “seems to be planning her life around weekends”. We laughed about it… sortof… It was only later that I realised how deep a chord that struck.

One of the reasons why I took on this job was because it was not your standard 9 to 5 deskbound job. But now, increasingly, I’m finding myself working late hours and a lot of times even staying overnight at the Workplace. Not really what I signed up for. But for now, I’m attributing it to the steep learning curve. And like I’ve said, the challenge is still pretty enticing… For now…

But such long hours mean that sacrifices must be made…I’m meaning blogs and stuff, of course… And for the most part, I was ok.. I thought. Like i’ve said, I figured it would be a temporary thing and I was still relatively happy.
This is where the Girlfriend comes in. After listening to what she said, I’m starting to question, “Would this be worth it?” This blog is an ok sacrifice. I don’t think I am much of a writer to begin with. Then I started thinking of other stuff.

For the most part, I try to have dinner with the parents much as I can. But now it’s increasingly becoming a conscientious effort. I needed to make sacrifices on other fronts just to accommodate these meals. Ditto for friends. Ditto for hobbies. And ditto for gaming. I think that for the first time in my life I’m having the feeling that there ain’t nearly enough hours in a day.

But the straw that broke this camel’s back is when I came to the stark realization that it’s been 2 weeks since I bought some books from a local book sale and I’m not even a quarter way through them yet! Granted it was nearly $200 worth (DEFINITELY a story for another time), but for some reason or other that SERIOUSLY upsetted me. It has never happened before!

So, seeing that I have a big presentation on tomorrow, I guess this is my little “Damn you” to the system. Yeah yeah… I know it’s not much, but every little bit helps… Or so the old woman says as she pees into the sea. (an actual folk saying if Neil Gaiman is to be believed) (further re-enforcing my belief that comics are an educational medium)

So there!

Ermm… “Damn you, System”

*I am not a Camel*