I’m an Airhead?????

Which Female Action Hero Are You?

You are Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You are outgoing, warm, and sociable. Your intelligence and intuition give you a strong sense of right and wrong; you may be soft, sweet, and a little air-headed at times, but you are fully capable of proving yourself more than a stereotype.
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My life is… Hairspray?????????????????

Your result for The Director Who Films Your Life Test…

John Waters

Your film will be 57% romantic, 51% comedy, 28% complex plot, and a $ 37 million budget.

Filmography: Hairspray, Cry Baby, Pecker, A Dirty Shame, Serial Mom, Polyester, Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Mondo Trasho, and more. Hopefully your entire life happened in Baltimore, Maryland, because that is where your life story will take place with John Waters at the helm. Your mother will be played either by a large transvestite or Kathleen Turner … oh, the levels of irony! Anyway, we hope your life was full of pleasant scents because your movie will be released in Smell-O-Vision like his movie Polyester (1981), but will likely not have any dog-poop-eating such as in Pink Flamingos (1972). Johnny Depp will play your uncle.

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I KNEW IT! I'm a Pink Flamingo!WOOHOOO


Enough talk about scarring and other dark stuff.

This quiz brought back memories of a more innocent time…

Which CareBears Bear Are You?

You are part Tenderheart Bear. Your charisma and confidence makes you a natural leader. People look to you for guidance and your problem-solving skills are amazing. You are fun and fiercely loyal to the people you care about. Everyone trusts you, and you deserve it!
You are part Funshine Bear. A light of pure love and energy surrounds you. Since you are always smiling and in a bubbly mood, people gravitate towards you and are mesmerized by your true happiness. You are the sun on a cloudy day, and you genuinely enjoy each moment of your life!
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But THICK as you are, pay ATTENTION!

My words are a matter of pride.

Easily my favorite song of all Disney movies and my favorite villain too.

Which Disney Villain Are You?

You are part Jafar. “How many times do I have to kill you boy?” You just want to be big and powerful… Is that so much to ask? I mean, you deserve it.
You are part Scar. Pride and respect matter to you most. Like you said yourself, “Simba, it’s to die for.” You are the most vicious of all villains. You even killed your brother. Worst still, you did it on the big screen in front of millions of little, unexpecting children. You, single handedly, can make a whole generation admit they cried: once.
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Isn’t it good to be so free that you are doing more and more of these nonsense quizzes online?

Happily ever after…

I am a lover of fairy tales…

The ones that were read to you when you were young. The ones that made you believe in magic. The ones that made you believe that there are fair maidens to be saved, dragons to be slayed, kingdoms to be won, quests to be embarked on, treasures to be found.

Fairy tales makes us believe we are all one with the world, that the angsana tree you pass on your way to school understands you when you speak to it, that the cat you passed in the streets might secretly be a witch in disguise, that all rivers lead to some hidden paradise, that there are civilized underwater empires, treasure filled underground caverns with bearded dwarves, magical kingdoms to be found… if you only know where to look. 

That since everything was possible “once upon a time”, it can happen again… if you just take the bother to look.

But fairy tales have not always been this way. They were not written for children. They were meant to be told around fire places when travelling at night. They were meant to horrify and terrify, and the amusement they provided were strictly for adults only.

I’m talking about the tales of Snow Drop , Ashputtel , Rose-Bud and Rumpelstiltskin. Or as they are better known to us…. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and ermm… well, Rumpelstiltskin. Their tales are not of rosy sunsets, peace and forgiveness, Prince Charmings and all talking all singing animals. Not all the way, anyway. Their tales are tales of revenge and deceit. Of blood and tears and terrible vengence.

This is a wonderful link to the stories of Snow White and Cinderella…. The uncensored version


and here’s a great quiz that tests your knowledge of these fairy tales