And so it Ends…

We all know it was leading up to this….


Dancing Between Raindrops

Most of the releases from the Big 2 this week revolves around their respective mega crossovers/events/whatchamightcallits  (Siege for Marvel, and Blackest Night for DC, for those of you living under a rock).

And like all major cross overs that came before, this means that a majority of their other titles will be considered “tie ins”. And these “tie-ins” SHOULD flesh out the ongoing soap opera in the main books for the Event.

There is an inherent Problem with this approach for Siege and Blackest Night.

Siege is essentially one Giant Brawl for Captain America’s goodie-two-shoes vs Norman Osbourn’s baddies-bad-boots-posing-as-goodie-two-shoes.

Blackest Night, while intriguing and shocking thus far, is at its heart a giant brawl between the Black Lanterns and the Rainbow Brigade.

Below are Marvel’s releases with the “Siege” Banner this week.

Just a sidenote: I love the way the “Siege ” banner sits on the cover.

Anyway. what’s inside these covers are essentially the Director’s Cut for Siege#2. They let the fan boys know where all the other major combatants not showcased in the main series are fighting their fights. I admit, it can be pretty awesome if it is your kind of thing, but somehow, it just did not work for me.

Next, we have the biggest disappointment of the week.

Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corp have been the cornerstones of the Blackest Night Series. We saw events develop in these books that that were not seen in the main Blackest Night Series, events that were essential to the development of the whole saga and gave the series an unexpected dept.

I expected more of the same from Green Lantern #52.

We all knew that Sinestro became the first (only?) White Lantern from the events of Blackest Night #7. I was excited to find out more about how Hal Jordan and the rest will react to this new development. Instead, we have a weakass story of how Ion, Parallax and the rest of the mascots for the various rainbow corps came about, and a rather lame buildup to the Final Showdown that is sure to come down in Blackest Night #8.

I’m not asking for these tie-ins to advance the ongoing saga. I think it is hard to toe the company line, and at the same time try to tell a reasonable story between the heavy hitters.¬† I just think it is pretty f-up to make fans pay 4 x $2.99(at least) for essentially the same story. Hell, they even share the same dialogues between the different books!

I guess, it is not that surprising that my book for the moment is this:

Besides the pretty awesome cover, the story tells the evergreen tale of love lost and the descent into the abyss that follows. The twist in the tale is pretty frickin fine as well.

For your consideration, when you have $2.99 to spare, you can do worse than to invest it in an Amazing Spider-Man book.

By worse, I mean any of the Siege tie-ins, of course.

Holy Splash Pages

I know… it’s been too long since the last updates.

My perfect excuse? I was busy.

Anyway, updates on the world of comics – Blackest Night continue to kick serious ass. It has officially passed comfortably over the hype bump and slide easily through the mid season fatigue that most hyper series face and zombie fatigue that most… ermm.. zombie series face.

Case in point – Blackest Night #5.

Normally, I am not a very big fan of splash pages. The reason is simple. Using 2 pages out of a 24 page comic book to “showcase” a scene just does not make much sense to me.¬† It’s simple mathematics really, there’s less story to tell. Especially if said splash page consist of 2 characters punching the nuts off each other with one gigantic “POW” plastered across the centre of the page.

Blackest Night #5 shows how splash pages should be used. It contains no less than FOUR (count them, baby) splash pages and an almost equal amount of full page panels in a 27 page comic book, and my only reaction was… WOW. Each of the splash pages are effectively and efficiently employed, drawn to milk the most emotional response out of you. Bile spewing Batman, anybody?

I really could not wait for more!

Anyway, a synopsis of Blackest Night 5 using 2 of the splash pages… for anyone who’s interested.

The rainbow brigade has finally been formed and they are out for some black lantern payback.

Of course, Zombies being Zombies, the Black Lanterns are not taking this sitting down and has recruited some truly badass new members to the ranks.

Need I say it? SPOILER ALERT.

Cliff hangers like this made me really glad that Blackest Night is a series that I did not trade wait. It is full of these “dangle your balls on a string “kinda endings that is so masochistically fun.