The Scatter of Death

ibuki kunai


This is my first piece after the elemental series. So came up with one of Street Fighter’s resident ninja school girl, Ibuki performing her trademark move – Kasumi Suzaku


Deadly Cherry Blossoms

I wanted a more “basic” look for this piece with Psylocke. I like her Asian mythos, so I went more oriental for this piece as well.

The kenji in the background means “Samurai”. I know she is not one, but the word “ninja” just does not seem to fit well into this image. Call it my little bit of… creative liberty.

Ninja vs Ninja

Another new comic day.. Another DISAPPOINTING new comic day.

Flashpoint is turning out to be a pretty much “dud” event with too many unnecessary tie-ins. With the exception of the main book, the rest are pretty much forgettable and as far as I can see now, inconsequential. So far, all the characters are behaving as out of character as they possibly could from their counterparts in the DC regular-verse. Each new tie in brings more questions than answers… Will dwell on this for a while before I post any reviews.

In the meantime, my new work: Ninja vs Ninja starring the ever lovely Lady Bullseye with the hard luck Matt Murdock aka Daredevil…

For this piece, I was trying to recreate the feel of one of those old school fight posters with an aged feel…

Not sure if it works though…