Lady of the Wind

Lady of the Wind

Lady of the Wind

Ok, this is a continuation of the series of nude figures I am doing. Previous pieces in this series are…

Lady of the Water


Lady of the Flame


Lady of Metal

This new one is of a Wind (or Air) Elemental Goddess.

I’m trying to capture the “mood” of each elemental where Water is sombre and serious while Fire is wild and free. Metal was supposed to be a strong, powerful character.

With Air, I was going for a free spirited fairy kinda look.
Technique wise, I had a bit of problem thinking of a way to render something non physical like “air”, so I used leaves to try to create a “moving” effect… not sure if I succeeded


Reminder of why you need to wake up tomorrow morning

cause there’s so much of this beautiful place that we have not even begin to experience yet…

For the snobby few who needs a higher definition version (like me) (honest, this is really the “correct” way to watch this video)

Best watched full screen (on the biggest screen you can find), with a warm glass of milk, just before bedtime.