Wings of Rain

Nightwing in the Rain


Took a long break because I just quit my job and am now travelling the world with my wife! (True Story)

I had a lot of fun with the rain effect. It’s the second time I am attempting this after a try on Daredevil:

Devil Rain

Used a lot of brushes/layers and spent A LOT of time on them, but it was a great learning experience.

This is still one of my first works.. Still trying to find my “style”

C&C most welcome

Thanks for viewing


I hate Grant Morrison

I hate Grant Morrison.

Grant Morrison’s story lines are weird, convulated and difficult to understand.

Before all the Grant Morrison fans out there get their panties in a bunch and accuse me of being narrow minded and not seeing the genius of His Excellency’s method in breathing new life into a genre exhausted by cliches and cheesiness, let me clarify something…

I do enjoy Morrison’s independent works. He shows people why the medium is unique in bringing to life abstract ideas and images not possible by any other. He also shows us what amazing story telling potential the medium has.

Unfortunately, my gripe with him involves all his dabbling into established franchises. To be fair, the Big 2 has been actively seeking out “sexy” (read:popular) independent creators and putting them onto projects which might or might not suit the creator’s personal style.

To be fair, some of these “imported” creators have been bloody brilliant. Examples that spring to mind includes Garth Ennis’ bloodiness and gore in Punisher and Ed Brubaker’s penchant for writing noir and fleshing out the irredeemable hero in Daredevil.

Morrison’s weirdness just does not sit well with franchised work. His decision to make the X Men wear black leather, while sexy and in line with the movie at that time, has been quickly flipped flopped once he was off the line. Batman R.I.P. while quaint, just did not appeal to me. I think my tolerance stopped at Ninja Man Bat Assassins.

Morrison’s big shakeup for the DC universe was “TECHNICALLY” killing Batman during Final Crisis.

But we all know that Bruce Wayne was too big to kill. Everyone knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne is Batman. Nobody expects DC to try to establish Dick Grayson as Batman. It was simply a matter of time before Bruce Wayne returns as Batman.  Batman came back for a cameo as a zombie in Blackest Night but he couldn’t stay to play. So the question on everyone’s mind is “Where the hell is Bruce Wayne?”

If you pause to think about it, Bruce Wayne had not featured prominently in the DC Universe in some time. He “disappeared” along with the other Big 2 for a year during 52. And quickly after, he was “killed” in Final Crisis.

Personally I am starting to warm to the concept of Dick Grayson as Batman. Bruce Wayne’s Batman, while not Superman was invulnerable, in his own way. He was dark and scary and totally BadAss. He could take on serious big guns like Darksied and even Superman through tactical (and Toys… i mean equipment) superiority.

Back to Grant Morrison. The latest issue of Batman and Robin marks the start of the “Return of Bruce Wayne”. So far in the series, we’ve already seen the Batman of Britain, the Squire (Robin of Britain), Doppelganger Batman, Lazarus Pit-rified Batman, Failed Clones of Batman, dead Batwoman, revived Batwoman. Morrison seemed to be writing wierd for wierdness’ sake again.

That is until issue #10. All the Batman storylines of the past 2 years seemed to be finally coming together. True. The issue is still weird as hell, but it seems to suggest that minor plotlines and unresolved issues from Morrison’s run on the whole Gotham franchise ties down to one big bomb that is going to drop on us in The Return of Bruce Wayne.

I know a whole lot of weirdness is going to come down from that. But maybe, just maybe, I might enjoy this Morrison run.